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The Farmer, His Son and Their Donkey

A farmer, together with his son, was going to sell their donkey at the fair. On their way to town, they met some men who talked among themselves about how stupid the farmer and his son were for trudging on foot when they have a donkey to ride. The farmer thought about it and after some while helped his son on the donkey’s back.

As they moved along towards the town, they met a group of young women who made a face at the sight of a young boy on a donkey. They talked about how heartless the young boy was for letting his father walk when he is young and strong. The boy thought about it, alighted the donkey and let his father ride.

They continued their journey and met a group of old women who lambasted the farmer for letting his son walk when he was comfortably seated on the donkey. At this, the farmer helped his son up and they rode the donkey together.

The group of people who saw them was outraged to see a donkey being ridden by a farmer and his son, saying that it would have been better if the two were to carry the poor donkey on their backs instead of the other way around. So, the farmer and his son got off the donkey, tied the donkey’s legs and using a pole tried to carry it on their shoulders.

The sight was just so amusing that everybody laughed at the sight of a farmer and his son carrying a bound donkey on their shoulders. The donkey, not used to such handling broke free and ran as fast as he could. The farmer, filled with shame and  regret for losing the donkey learned a valuable lesson..

“If you try to please everybody, you might end up losing what you got…”



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